About Us


OWM is a ministry by women, for women, that aims to hallmark the voices of Christian Orthodox women globally.

Our Vision

To address pastoral and theological issues, provide resources for laity and clergy in the Church with a focus on women, and to engage in healthy discussions for the role of the laity – men and women – in a changing world for the Church today.

What We Do

We produce blogs aimed towards the Christian community of women, hold various fellowship events, and provide different resources for spiritual education and growth.

Our Community

OWM is not only a ministry aimed at the lay woman – but for the young woman, married, celibate, mother, grandmother, widow — and effectively, the entire Christian Orthodox Church of God.

OWM is a newly-formed ministry to serve in educating and bringing awareness to the Christian Orthodox Church at large. It’s aim is to address pastoral and theological issues, provide resources for laity and clergy in the Church and to engage in healthy discussions for the role of the laity – men and women – in a changing world for the Church today. 

It was a typical cloudy day in England in the summer of 2014 when the idea of Orthodox Women’s Ministry (OWM) first came into being. Two girls – united by love, superseding the bond of blood, found a passion that lay before them, which connected them further to each other. This desire they soon discovered not only resided between them but among many others across the Christian globe – men and women.

This simple idea eventually came to be known as OWM. Since the launch of its first international Orthodox Conference held in London in September 2015, (see here for a summary of the event) OWM has grown its audience, established its global website, and is in collaboration with a sister organization, Saint Catherine’s Vision who has done exponential work on Women’s Ministry. And in June 2016, OWM has been officially sanctioned by the auspices of The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New York and New England under His Grace Bishop David as a fully functioning ministry within the diocese.


Please pray for us and this vital ministry for the growth and edification of the Church at large.

Meet the OWM Women:

Donna Rizk was born and raised in California. She holds a BA from the University of Hawaii in English and Education (2003-2006), a Master of Theological Studies (MTS, 2006-2008) from Holy Cross Orthodox Theological Seminary in Boston, MA. She then studied a year at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley in Liturgy and then lived in Vienna, Austria to study German and took more studies in Eastern Liturgy. After Vienna, she moved to Oxford and completed her second Masters in Eastern Christian Studies with emphasis in Armenian and Greek language and history (2010-2012). Her Master’s thesis focused on “Deification in the Writings of the Early Alexandrian Fathers (Clement, Origen, Athanasius, Cyril) on Creation, Baptism, and the Eucharist.” She then pursued a Doctorate in Theology (PhD) at King’s College in London on the work of second-century apologist, Aristides of Athens, the Armenian texts and completed it last September 2016.

Donna is the founder of OWM (Orthodox Women’s Ministry) and works full-time for the Coptic Diocese of New York and New England under the auspices of His Grace Bishop David. She works on both Theological Education and Women’s Ministry in her work for the diocese.

Donna is also an Adjunct Professor at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City and Holy Transfiguration College (htcollege.org), teaching Theology courses to undergraduate and graduate students.

Her research interests include Coptic and Armenian History, Theology and Language, women’s role in the Church, Eastern Liturgical Studies, and Patristics.

You can contact Donna directly at donna@orthodoxwomensministry.com

Suzy Fahmy was born in Cairo, Egypt and was raised in NYC. She works as the Chief Architect of Strategy & Innovation at AT&T and volunteers in NY Coptic Orthodox Churches serving the youth. Her life’s devotion has been to make a different in this world and touch lives for the betterment of people. Suzy’s ministry over the last 32 years has been focused on transforming the lives of youth, orphans, married couples, and women. She is passionate about women’s ministry as she sees a great need and understands that a strong woman is equal to a strong family and in turn an even stronger community. 

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, a Masters in Electrical Engineering from NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, N.Y., and several industry leading certifications. She has a love for theology and learning about different faiths and is a faithful member of Coptic Orthodox Church.

She currently lives in NY with her husband and three children.

Clara was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt and migrated to the Staten Island, New York in 2001. She holds a BS from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Biology and Chemistry (2009-2013), and a Master of Biomedical Sciences, with a concentration in Stem Cell Research (2013-2015) from Rutgers University. Clara is passionate about what she does and is a diverse and hard-working woman. She has worked in various professional positions as an educator, a business administrator, as a member of the Institutional Review Board and a certified Clinical Research Associate.

Clara is the PR for Orthodox Women’s Ministry and is passionate for building up women’s ministry in the Orthodox Church world-wide. She hopes to contribute a stronger platform for the role of Orthodox women in the Church overall for all women, including but not limited to young women, married, single, mothers, and widows that will help engage them in modern day topics.

His Grace Bishop David

on Orthodox Women’s Ministry

Under the auspices and blessings of His Grace Bishop David of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New York and New England, the Orthodox Women’s Ministry (OWM) has been officiated as an official ministry in the diocese.

Here His Grace speaks about the overall arching importance of women’s ministry for the life and vitality of the living Church of God.