In an ever-changing and eclectic world that we live in today, resources are often easily available at our fingertips. But the quality of resources are not often the issue, but rather the quality. Thus, OWM’s aims to provide Orthodox women and lay and clergy alike, vital Christian Orthodox books and media content for the edification of each member.

Encountering Women of Faith: Volume 1. Edited by Dr. Kyriaki Fitzgerald, PhD


The contributors to this volume study the lives of women saints and in dialogue with the saints’ lives, reflect on their own experiences. The saints who are studied are: Saint Susanna, St. Elizabeth the New Martyr, St. Melania the Younger, St. Xenia of Petersburg, Mary Magdalene, St. Catherine, and the Myrrh-bearing Women.



Encountering Women of Faith: Volume 2. Edited by Dr. Kyriaki Fitzgerald, PhD


This is the second volume of Encountering Women of Faith, which continues to study in depth the lives of the saintly mothers, teachers and martyrs. The saints encompassed in this book are: St. Juliana, St. Perpetua and Felicitas, St. Anna the Prophetess, St. Paul, St. Barbara, St. Mary of Egypt and others.

Women and Christianity, by Dr. Mary Malone, PhD


Women have enriched and enabled Christianity for more than 2,000 years. In this, the first of three path-breaking volumes, theologian Mary T. Malone situates Christian women in their time and context, thus creating a continuous historical narrative rather than simply a series of vignettes. She uses women’s writings and voices as primary sources on almost every page. All women, Christian or otherwise, who seek an understanding of their past will value this unprecedented, comprehensive history of Christian women and their contributions, not only to faith but to civilization.